Saturday, 29 December 2007

Top Ten Animated Shorts of 2007

Two black and white animations achieve 5th and 6th spots in our 2007 roll of honour today. Although totally different in tone, both deal with individuals overcoming adversity.
Number 6
Two comedians were joking last week on TV about patting a hunchback for luck. I suppose it could have been construed as humour by those who were straight backed, knew no-one with the affliction or simply insensitive. Jeremy Clapin achieves both humour and sensitivity in his Une Histoire Vertebrale. Here the travails of a man so stooped he can only see the ground are explored in a very funny tale as he attempts to woo a woman with a related if contrasting condition. She can only see the sky. Their relationship flourishes when they inhabit apartments on different floors and he can look down on her. But negotiating a relationship on the same level is more problematic. Genuine humour need not be crass. (See Blog)
Number 5
Tragic Story with Happy Ending by Regina Pessoa poses a perennial problem for me. Not all the offerings on YouTube are offered freely by the films' creators. In my blog at the time I pointed attention to the website and a short extract from the movie. Now there are at least four versions of the movie available on YouTube and the link is to one of them. A posted movie on YouTube tends to flatten things, losing background colour and detail, therefore for this reason, as well as ownership, wherever possible I draw attention to the DVD version. Follow the link in the blog and purchase, as I did, the DVD to see Regina's magnificent piece of work in all its fine detail. The artwork is simply stupendous, textured, expertly drawn, classy. It is a tale of a young girl ostracised by her community because, born with a heart too small, its frantic beating disrupts the lives of unsympathetic neighbours. The girl's transformation from timid recluse and subsequent flight from home is the subject of an unusual and special movie. Watch it yourself and see why Regina scales the heights of the top ten movies in a blog that has covered so many of the classic works. (See Blog) Numbers 3 & 4 tomorrow.


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