Monday, 7 January 2008

Charles De Meyer, Olivier ColchenThomas and Van Maele "En Garde"

I seem to have been reviewing animations created with pen and paper lately and considering I teach computer aided animation it's back to basics, well, not really because this is cutting edge stuff. It's another gem from the French Supinfocom School. En Garde is an extended duel between two fencers. Commencing in razor sharp black and white 2D the fighters quickly proceed to full 3D. Then things really start to happen. Balancing precariously on a skyscraper window ledge the two scramble, fighting all the while, in a 2D urban landscape, with a precarious near collision with a 2D train which naturally enough opens up to allow them to continue their engagement. All this doesn't really do justice to the gyrations of perspective, dimension and space these intrepid duelists have to overcome. En Garde, completed in November 2005 was the graduation film of Charles De Meyer, Olivier ColchenThomas and Van Maele. They used Maya as their primary software tool although Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and Combustion were all used. Charles provided the suitably futuristic music. Over half a year's work and doubtless a good degree and employment for the three. What I like more than anything is the handshake at the end despite the awful mess they have managed to create all around them. That and the fact that the blood is a neat red rectangle worn with pride.


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