Sunday, 3 February 2008

Juliet Stroud "Snookles"

After Saturday's rather heady brew I've got to lighten up and Snookles is absolutely the thing. This is a heart warming tale of a baby dragon and a newly hatched chick:
"Hello. I'm a baby dwagon"
"I'm a little bird. Would you like to sing with me?"
So much for the dialogue; this is not Wittgenstein. However, brief though they are the voices of Carole Holiday and Rich Moore are splendid, simply oozing enthusiasm and optimism. Juliet Stroud's 1986 piece was produced at the California Institute of Arts (CalArts) and Juliet has gone on to work on several very commercial films, most recently as lead key clean-up animator in the 2001 "Atlantis: The Lost Empire". Snookles is the only movie I can find with Juliet as the sole animator. But it is lovely. Halitosis would be positively mild in comparison.


Aaron said...

I sent my question about this short to the A.V.Club, and they linked to your article as their primary source. Thank you for this information! I've been wondering about this movie ever since I saw it as a kid.


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