Thursday, 28 February 2008

"Out" Samuel Deroubaix, Jerome Dernoncourt and Corentin Laplatte + Kristin and Lars Hellbust

It was whilst researching the output of Storm Studio, the Oslo and London based studio responsible for much of the follow-up and special effects for the Oscar winning Peter and the Wolf (many congratulations to brother and sister Kristin and Lars Hellbust) that I came upon today's rather special movie - Out. It was produced, like so many other great and almost impossibly accomplished movies I have featured on the Animation Blog, by three Supinfocom Valenciennes students, Samuel Deroubaix, Jerome Dernoncourt and Corentin Laplatte. Using clips and stills from four classic westerns, Stagecoach, Fort Apache, Rio Grande and High Noon, the trio patch together a six minute, mad-cap chase sequence of absurdly effective 3D adventures in, for the most part, black, white and orange. In a series of "Once Upon A Time" adventures our twelve foot hero egged on by the director ("I want water , send in the water!") drives his car ( a magnificent man in his flying machine) in a phrenetic chase much to the appreciation of the girl from the movie. "Wonderful!" she swoons and our hero gets the girl in the end. But not before we have some inspired splicing of Hollywood and Supinfocom, the 3D characters and vehicles strangely sitting well alongside the old films. A fabulous fairground roller coaster and an under water sequence were my highlights, though perhaps the zany soundtrack, ratcheting up the whole mad, frenzied experience, is an equal delight. Watch the movie and enjoy the extras on the film's website. Which brings me back to Storm Studio who just happen to have signed up one of the three - Corentin Laplatte (Coco). More about him when I have continued to peel away the onion layers to reveal the many talented young people Storm have attracted. Oh, and I have not forgotten the Polish Se-Ma-For Studio where the bulk of the work for Peter and the Wolf was produced.


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