Saturday, 1 March 2008

Sara Pocock "Memory"

Sara Pocock is a remarkably good artist and this quality shines through in all her work. The headline animation here features her talents with stop motion. Memory recounts an experience from the animator’s past when as an eight year old she threw a stone at her younger brother’s head. I’m fairly sure the animation addresses her guilt though I guess without it we would not have the movie. There is a crayoned backdrop, a wood and hay set in the form of a rickety child’s play area, and two cute figures, the texture of whose hair one might almost touch. I guess it is Sara’s own voice as narrator. I watched the movie prior to reading Sara’s explanation and fully expected the girl to fall from the heights of the slide. Having knocked my own sister’s front tooth out with a catapult I share this guilt thing - sadly no movie from me, no talent - though I’m extra generous at birthdays. The 3.5 minute movie is a brightly coloured treat with just that edge of tension alongside its distinctive perspective and mode of presentation. The 2.5 minute section of a longer documentary directed by Bob Bonadurer, Rumpelstiltskin's Starry Secret, displays a rare artistic quality as the classic child's story is imaginatively brought to life. Indeed children's animation seems to be developing as a speciality given the links Sara places on her site, for example in the commercial bumper on the Nickelodeon network - Sara contributing storyboard and pig tailed girl seemingly about to be devoured in the screenshot. Sara graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 2006, a period that afforded her time to make the exquisitely illustrated, historical piece Ballyvaughan Story whilst enjoying a year at Burren College of Art in Ireland. She has worked for two years or so for Rubber Chicken Cards - who knows you may have unwittingly received one of her flash animations. Sara contributed a great interview for my school website, a fact that confirmed, if nothing else, her work ethic, intelligence and enthusiasm. I contributed a token review of the work in the early days of the Animation Blog; had it been a thorough one I would definitely have featured her piece in my Top Ten. Ballyvaughan Story is notable for many things but the driving feature is the quality of the drawing. I can recommend her website and a special show reel that is a hugely effective self promo for a genuine talent.


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