Saturday, 8 March 2008

Simon Tofield (Simon's Cat) 'Let me in!" & "Cat Man Do" : "Tiger" & "Orangutan"

Sometimes an internet movie hits the spot and Simon Tofield's Cat Man Do did just that. 'Let me in!” is the follow-up. The former movie has been nominated in the Best Comedy category at the British Animation Awards to be held on March 13th. According to his employer, Tandem Films, Simon's posted video on YouTube has had over seven million hits. For anyone who has ever had a cat as pet or lived with a particularly selfish person the two shorts will strike a chord. Both movies are simple line drawings, the very simplicity of which add to the charm and humour of the situation. In the first the cat is awake, needs food, needs its owner, and the owner is very much asleep. All he needs is a little hurry up. The trouble is that Simon is such a deep sleeper, though not deep enough for this. No-one could have created a movie with such detailed observation of cat behaviour without owning one. The second movie in what appears to be a series in the offing has the cat locked out behind a glass door. What's to be done? Well just about everything within the compass of the determined feline. A plant pot would normally smash a pane of glass wouldn't it? Watch for the ending, both films following a similar pattern. From one small if powerful beast to a far bigger cat. "Lots of people love tiger fur but I think it looks better on the tiger" are the concluding words to another of Simon's works, Tiger, an inspired ad for Singapore Zoo in which a child's drawing comes alive and interesting facts about the animal are related by the child narrator ending with the transformation of animated beast to actual film footage. The same message and style is employed with Orangutan, a very much endangered species in the wild. These are not campaigning videos as such ( the subject of tomorrow's post) though they come very close to it and help spread a positive message for all zoos, as well as being fetchingly drawn and realised. To sign off on a special talent, if you enjoy jazz and want to rock in the forest you will relish Shackman.


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