Thursday, 26 June 2008

Bruno Bozzetto "Looo"

"But listen to me, I want fluid and smooth movements, Pixar quality. Ya understand that, don't ya?" It's tough auditioning for a role in Italian animation to rival the great American studio. The director and producer watch in the dark amidst the scuttling rats in an empty theatre as a would-be 3D actor struts his stuff on the stage. He's got the muscles to match the Hollywood giants though his balletic qualities are not up to the best. Why are you wearing the superhero outfit, asks the director, calling him sweetheart as all theatrical types are prone to. Named after his mum's cat, Looo is not the brightest, fluffs his lines a bit and fails to make an impression in the action man sequences. Not Pixar quality at all. Exit producer stage right. This is not homage to Pixar at all just Bruno Bozzetto at his satiric best. Looo is a very funny movie with the great man producing the screenplay and direction whilst Alvise Avati contributed the original character and directed the animation. The animation looks, as a matter of fact, quite up to the Pixar marque, and one of the characters from the studio seems to have strayed onto the set. More of the finest Italian vintage from


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