Monday, 11 August 2008

Sergei Ryabov "The Tiny Fish"

The Tiny Fish (2007) by Russian director, Sergei Ryabov, is a cute animation for children (and adults). To a melodic soundtrack by Brahms, Ravel and Tchaikovsky, a young girl and her cat discover a fisherman pull a sparkling fish from a hole in the ice. Despite her attempts to save the creature it is placed in a bag and taken away by the rather disgruntled man. This is very distressing for the young girl ( and cat and fish presumably) who makes another from card. Rather miraculously the fish comes alive though the girl must run the gauntlet of the man now transformed into a tree (and child) munching ogre of her dreams. Wish fulfilment and childhood nightmare! There are many forms of animation and cut-outs, as in this particular example, contribute their own distinctive animated magic. Children, by the way, can be cruel. Watch what happens from the window as the youngsters chase the cat around the ice house.


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