Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Raoul Olou & Sigmund Payne "Hell Kitchen"

Time was when students did the minimum and drank a lot. Times change. Maybe I should have studied animation instead of writing about it. 10 months of hard work at Ecole George Melies from Raoul Olou and Sigmund Payne is rewarded by a lively and well designed piece, Hell Kitchen. Sputnick and his two owners seem oddly out of sorts in their designer kitchen. The girl seems preoccupied and the boy is at pains to hide himself away. Enter Sputnick. He needs feeding though the noxious mush he is served is in need of heating up in a cooker that overheats. That toxic mush fights back. Here the movie gets funky as its previous light jazz percussion changes gear entirely as boy and girl do battle in a kind of other world (with flames) to a soundtrack of up-tempo microwave. It brings the pair together - for a short time. Using a combination of software, notably Flash and After Effects and a smidgen of Maya, the pair have also prepared a chic website to present their work to best advantage. The animation is rather sassy too. Apart from the middle section when we depart this earth, the "set" is very much laid out as a design sketch for the perfect kitchen, and I admire the directors' restraint in eschewing any fleshing out of the scenery. I rather like the white nothingness where the design just stops. Raoul and Sigmund have informative blogs and there is an on-line interview they conducted with that is excellent - for convenience the link is to Babel Fish translator - where would we be without them. I've retained the images sent to me as the galley setting is typical of the stylish feel to the movie. Ah, everything about Paris is stylish. I can feel another trip coming on.


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