Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Carlo Vogele "For Sock's Sake"

For Sock's Sake (or via Daily Motion) takes your average washing line community and subjects some of the inhabitants to a range of cruel and unnecessarily harsh tortures. In the hands of the talented Carlo Vogele a sock makes a dash for a nearby nightclub and suffers the fate of all wasters, philanderers and dilettantes who abscond in search of the bright lights and sleaze. Whether it be to rescue the sock or to similarly indulge, the line disgorges its residents and a sort of journey to Mordor ensues. Featuring graphic scenes of torture and licentiousness, this is not a movie for the squeamish launderer. It is very funny though! A raincoat exposes his lining to the rescue party and the Trousers, the boss man, is ill-treated by a steam iron. And did I see my favourite mole, Krtek? Carlo explains his technique: "I shot the clothes separately in stop motion with a camera on green screen, and comped them together in my drawn backgrounds." He has one heck of a pedigree. The piece was made whilst on an exchange semester at CalArts, though Carlo graduated from the esteemed Gobelins in June, enjoyed a work experience placement in 2007 at Framestore CFC Studios, London; a year previously he had attended a workshop at Bristol School of Animation and presently works for no less an employer than Pixar. I guess they all recognise talent when they see it. Be kinder to clothes though, Carlo. Visit his blog.


Anonymous said...

great movie man great find

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