Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Top Ten Animated Shorts of My Year: 2008

A great second year of animation blogging has culminated in the final two selection in my self-generated movies of the year.
Runner-up position is The Old Crocodile, a movie whose wisdom I gradually came to appreciate alongside its delicious black humour. A crocodile has lived for so long he has become the umpteenth greatgreatgreat grandfather of a whole river of Nile crocodiles. Lazy now he is unable to resist the delicate taste of younger relatives. (Leopards are unable to change spots and a crocodile has got to eat.) Ousted from his extended family he meets a soul-mate, only to discover his insatiable appetite lets him down again. He has a future of tummy filled worship, though he is still lonely and a little baffled by life's twists and turns. Somehow, in the expert hands of Koji Yamamura, the gradual loneliness of the crocodile imbues a comic movie with tragedy.

Wind Along The Coast by Ivan Maximov pressed all the right buttons for me and receives my Movie of the Year tag. Given the HQ link (Wind Along The Coast) you also may luxuriate in the innocent world about which I have waxed lyrical for some time. Perhaps we all need to be more like Ivan.

So I shall not overstay my welcome:

Happy New Year from the Animation Blog


Michael Sporn said...

I am honored to have a film on your list, and I have to agree with you about Old Crocodile. Koji Yamamura is certainly one of my current favorite film makers, and I rush to see anything by him.

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