Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Third Annual aniBoom Awards: Winners Announced

Great to see one of the best animations featured in the Animation Blog winning the aniBoom Awards 3. The competition has been featured here also. I find the site excellent and innovative in so many ways.
Grand Prize
Sebastian’s Voodoo by Joaquin Baldwin from Sherman Oaks, California. Joaquin will receive a $25,000 investment in commercial development and a distribution deal with aniBoom that will give him significant career-making exposure. Interestingly, following the highly successful Radiohead video contest, Joaquin was inspired to enter his movie into the aniBoom Awards. Currently working on his Masters of Fine Arts at UCLA, Joaquin has been involved in computer animation since high school when he and friends would tinker with different programs and learn with the help of online tutorials.

On a personal note, Joaquin has assisted me greatly as I work away at my book; his magnificent application of Maya in his tale of the self-sacrifice of a Voodoo doll is totally inspiring. His work easily got into my top ten movies for last year. He deserves the success. He will also do even greater things. He has that drive and talent.

AniBoom's contest received entries from 1300 entries from 93 cities in 27 countries across the globe. A combination of viewers’ votes and the judging panel determined that the grand prize was awarded to Joaquin.

In addition to the grand prize, three Community Favorites, three Top Selections by the judges, and 50 community picks were also selected for prizing. Winners from America, Germany, Australia, Great Britain and other countries around the world share cash prizes of more than $50,000

The winners along with the top 50 community picks share $50,000 in cash and prizes, including ToonBoom software, CG Society books, and Stash DVD magazines with coupon cards valued at $55. In addition to the cash and prizes, winners of the aniBoom Awards will benefit from substantial exposure across aniBoom’s multi-platform animation network and will be considered for original series development deals.

I shall review the two works below shortly:

Jury Winner
Our Wonderful Nature – By Tomer Eshed
"In an exciting wildlife show exposé, the mating rituals of Water Shrews are revealed to be more than just a quick scuffle."
Community Winner
Bang Bang You are Bread – By Mitch Wade
"A psychotic loaf of bread seeks revenge on Dr Atkins, creator of the low-carb revolution."
For more details on the Third Annual aniBoom Awards or to watch all the winning entries, visit:


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