Friday, 10 April 2009

Bill Justice "A Cowboy Needs A Horse" (Disney)

Think of today's animation as being paired with yesterday's. A Cowboy Needs A Horse was directed in 1956 by one of the Disney legends, Bill Justice. It has a young boy dreaming of being a cowboy and what does every good cowboy need? Well the good boy declines the kiss and rides off into the sunset having spurned the advances of the girl he rescued from the bandit. As with the Russian cowboy movie familiar motifs of the Western are explored: fighting the indigenous people from the plains, thwarting the stagecoach hoist, safeguarding the train on the collapsing bridge and rescuing the girl - sorry, dealt with that one. This is not my favourite Disney as it lacks the sparkle of, say, a Chuck Jones or Tex Avery for Warner Bros despite funny moments as when the Indian Chief hands over the peace pipe and the young lad blows bubbles, or declines the $10,000 reward for catching the hoodlum. There's also the song! I was quite taken with the modern house that is explored in the closing moments. When I consider what an English home of the era would have been like.


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