Sunday, 14 June 2009

Egmont Mayer "Red Rabbit" (2006)

A new development today in that we have another voice replacing your tired old host. Marta has chosen, in her words, a "sweet film":

Guest Reviewer: Marta Macková

Egmont Mayer’s graduation film Red Rabbit is a touching story about human loneliness and a fight with self-esteem that leads to isolation. Egmont Mayer says about his film: “Some habits start out small and grow into something life-threatening.” Red Rabbit is a story of a man who lives alone in a small apartment. The minimal contact he has with other people has dropped to zero since the rabbit appeared… Luckily there is a young lady living upstairs…Red Rabbit is a stylish film told with a storytelling perfection. It’s a sensitive story about human emotions and although it’s told with no dialogue we get a real sense for the characters’ feelings. Since Egmont graduated from Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg in 2006. Red Rabbit has been shown in number of festivals and won Best Student Film at SICAF 2008. ‘Red Rabbit’ can be seen at Vimeo. Egmont also has his own blog: If you have a movie suggestion do let me know and thank you, Marta, for a lovely film.


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