Saturday, 25 July 2009

Christopher Minos "Knight Fever" (2008)

In essence Knight Fever is very much the archetypal cartoon featuring a comic take on fire spouting dragon and rather dapper dragon slayer whose red nose seems more the result of the good life than his opponents' fiercest weapon. Director Christopher Minos' contemporary mix of 2D and 3D animation was completed last year and is due to be screened at the 2009 Los Angeles Short Film Festival that opened this past Thursday. The initial moments are fun as terrified peasants flee the burgeoning flames, screaming their anguish in the purest Scottish accent. They need their saviour who is enjoying a black and white version of witch tortures in his baronial home. The clamour outside spurs him to don his armoured kit and off he rides to do battle, leaving the televised witch burning to the cunning dragon who has sneaked in to watch. When lord and master returns battle threatens to ensue but the television is a real distraction for the traditional pursuits. It is a relief to get back to this style of animation narrative once in while where characters are larger than life, humour is sustained throughout and there's a warm conclusion. Disney as used to be and, in fact, where the director worked for a while. Oh, and it is classily made throughout as befits someone with 25 years in the business. Christopher took two of them, off and on, to complete the piece in between working as Animation Director at Toronto's Crush. Great cartoon music too from Scott Bucsis and the full credits are available via the alternative Vimeo link. Thanks to Shannon Stephaniuk for the nudge.


Anonymous said...

Hi there!

I wanted to drop a link over for this cool animation which was created for our company;

What do you think?

Ravishanker said...

Hi Bro!
You have a cool collection of these animation but what i'm missing on this site is 3D animaiton. Please put some more information regarding 3d animation!


Ian Lumsden said...

You are right. 3D animation often requires a team of people to create and I tend to concentrate on the little guys on the whole. But not exclusively and when I return from my Italian idyll I will strive to feature more of this form. Pixar is a very commercial set-up and their work is neglected here to the blog's detriment. And we are just begiining to see mainstream 3D feature movies, specs required.

One Body Animations said...

More post about your 3d animation. I really love your 3d presentation.


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