Monday, 18 January 2010

Martin & Line Andersen "New Zealand Book Council: Going West" (2009)

New Zealand Book Council: Going West is an ad that certainly makes an impact: Where books come to life, we are informed in a dramatic realisation of the 1993 novel Going West from one of that country's leading novelists, Maurice Gee. Produced by Colenso BBDO and made at the London based Andersen M Studios, Line Anderson designed and animated the stop motion piece, brother Martin Anderson contributing photography and lighting. Again on credits, it is impossible to miss the sound design of Mikkel Eriksen whose complex, multi-track recording of the narrator's voice is given echo and reverberations to accompany the arresting visual concoction. There is something exciting about seeing the effects of an unseen razor sharp knife slice through the folded pages of the hardback, with houses, trees or suburban fences popping up in classic flip book style. Unlike some recent imaginative CG effects featured here, this is a more traditional technique, the precision of the camerawork and sculptor shown off to magnificent effect. The intention behind it all was to force the Kiwis to abandon the dark arts of the rugby field (allowing we poor Brits to occasionally win a game) and get reading. The link is to Vimeo where I first saw it; a YouTube link has had hundreds of thousands of hits so as usual I'm late to the party. The siblings both studied in their native Denmark and here in the UK. Martin lectures at two of the most prestigious institutions, the University of Brighton and Central St Martins.


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