Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Yasmeen Ismail "Love Triangle" (2007)

"Hey, Fatty, that boyfriend of yours will leave if you eat so many samosas." Advice like this is enough to drive one to cottage cheese crisp breads. Except here it doesn't. From the moment at the airport when our girl arrives back to her doting partner, after visiting relatives in India, something of a crisis in their relationship is triggered. The problem in the aptly named Love Triangle is that the girl has changed shape. "You look different."/ "No I don't." One of the funniest lines lines in the piece occurs as she switches channels using the remote control, couch potato style, whilst he washes up and attempts to raise his concerns only to flounder with the inept, "I've got your crumbs in my chest hair again." The three minute short is wittily scripted by director Yasmeen Ismail. Alan Davies and Katherine Parkinson provide the lovers' voices, Peter Baynton assists with the animation, Christoph Steeger the artwork. Mick Cooke's music adds to the very considerable charm of it all. With simple, amusing hand drawn figures, the domestic balance in a modern relation is deftly presented, the guy being such a gentle, modern man, the girl a modern woman -though personally I'd put a padlock on the samosa cupboard. Another from the Channel 4 MESH series then and a favourite for the humour, character voices and most artful design. Yasmeen is one of the leading lights over at Sweetworld.


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