Tuesday, 20 April 2010

"Mon(s)tre" Geoffroi Ridel, Daphné Parrot, Yann Poyac, Charles Schneck & Anthony Le Saoût (2009)

Mon(s)tre (Monster-Clock), an excellent film in its own right but it is another of those shorts where the music stands out. A young girl plays with a rather complex time piece that, once broken, transports her to an alternative world where she is chased by a 2D time monster. Science fiction writers the world over have featured the dangers of time travel. One of my favourite television programmes, still, is Doctor Who (and his Tardis.) The time machine in this instance is a finely made and complex timepiece with polished brass cogs, wheels and light emanating from it. (All the best transportation vehicles capable of sailing through the years have light in abundance.) The short was made in 2009 by Geoffroi Ridel, Daphné Parrot, Yann Poyac, Charles Schneck and Anthony Le Saoût, five students from the Lissa in Paris. There is a most interesting making of video available, taking one through the processes of 2 and 3D animation, from initial designs and graphics tablet to the music being played to the screen by pianist and composer, Joséphine Stephenson together with flautist, Liselotte Schrike. Outstanding musicians, together they create a dreamy soundtrack that perfectly complements the atmospheric world of the film. I have often commented on how lucky is the animator with talented musicians to support their work. I shall be featuring a new collaborative venture between composer and animator tomorrow.


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