Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Hernán Cieza & Adriana Delfino (Mona and Peca ) "La Competitiva " (2009)

La Competitiva (The Competitive One) is one of those fascinating stop motion movies where the sheer ingenuity and flair is striking. Spanish artists Mona and Peca (Hernán Cieza, Adriana Delfino) locate their film in a ramshackle factory where male figurines are manufactured and packaged. Locked in their mindless and repetitive job two workers on the assembly line fantasize about the girl who serves the coffee in a well-merited break from the drudgery. The term surreal is over-used in commentaries, but here the term is appropriate indeed as the directors take us on an increasingly bizarre journey as each competitor vies for the girl’s attention. In fact the link is to about half the twenty minute film that becomes increasingly dark in tone as the rivalry continues. The complex film comprises stop motion footage of intricate models manufactured from scrap and discarded rubbish, latex and papier-mâché puppets, plus drawn, cut-out and computer work, the varied techniques including a flick book in the horse’s courtship of the girl, though his rival deploys a full on one man band in his reposte. La Competitiva has already won awards including Best Film at Festival Latinoamericano de Animación Amateur and The Giant Incandescent Resonating Animation Festival where it was chosen as Best of the Bunch. It is due for screening at Annecy this year. The link is to Telegraph21, one of a number of excellent sources of films and information about artistic ventures.


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