Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Michele Bernardi "Djuma" (2012)

Djuma is a work of some power in its study of the more violent aspects of the human psyche. To a thundering score, courtesy Andrea Martignoni, the short travels with a pack of wolves and one wolf boy in particular. Italian director Michele Bernardi  has been animating professionally for Italian television since 1980 and his experience shows. With an almost sumptuous ease and design flair, something of which is captured in the screenshot, the rampage through the countryside and cities has a resonance when one considers the riots that periodically besmirch all our countries. Shades of William Golding with maybe just a touch of Joseph Conrad - sorry for the English references here - in the judgement on mankind, for Djuma is a metaphor for human nature, I think, and its assessment is grim. Particularly if one is brought up by wolves. But there's such artistry and glamour in the depiction.


Michele Bernardi said...

thank you, thank you very much....

Ian Lumsden said...

I thoroughly enjoyed it, Michele. Please keep me informed of any other of your works.

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