Monday, 19 March 2012

Vida Vega "Tempo - Bike" (2011)

The best television commercials flow organically from the product. Thus the ad for a paper handkerchief  Tempo - Bike won Best 2D commercial at this year's British Animation Awards. Simple bright music and a clever idea, a straight forward, hand drawn animation on folded paper, held together by an unfolding narrative in which boy distributes the tissues to deserving causes until, you've guessed it, he needs one himself. The inked figures echo the blue packets rather fetchingly. Vida Vega from Film Club directed but the full list of credits (see below) is: DP - Pete Ellmore, Stop Motion animator - Anthony Farquhar-Smith, Animators - Nicolette Van Gendt, Ed Roberts, Gerry Forder, Assistant animators - Jay Wren, Alan Henry, Clean up artists - Ange Desilva, Justine Waldie, Artworking - Fiona Woodcock, Kaori Onishi, Sharon Lui, Belle Mellor, After Effects compositor - Jonathan Topf, Editing - Danny Mac, Music composition - Owen Davey.  Lovely. It brings a tear to the eye. The judging panel got it right. More tears. And as for the full credits above, which time normally precludes on my single person blog, I got it completely wrong first time round until some kind soul set me on the right path. Apologies to those concerned.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but your list of credits is totally wrong! Here are the people who should be correctly credited with creating a wonderful advert!

Director and Designer - Vida Vega
DP - Pete Ellmore
Stop Motion animator - Anthony Farquhar-Smith
Animators - Nicolette Van Gendt, Ed Roberts, Gerry Forder
Assistant animators - Jay Wren, Justine Waldie, Alan Henry
Artworking - Fiona Woodcock, Kaori Onishi, Sharon Lui, Belle Mellor,
After Effects compositor - Jonathan Topf
Editing - Danny Mac
Music composition - Owen Davey


Ian Lumsden said...

Mea culpa. Totally cocked it up. I have no idea where the wrong credits came from, as time has passed by. But I type out my blogs in Word first, before pasting onto Blogger. But like Orwell's 1984, I can rewrite history and I've corrected everything.

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