Monday, 9 April 2012

Joanna Lurie "The silence beneath the bark" ("le silence sous l'├ęcorce" 2010)

Give yourself time to savour Joanna Lurie's tender romance, The Silence Beneath the Bark, for it builds up slowly. In a sense it is a conventional love story though set in a forest amidst a snow storm. The lovers discover the joy of sharing until their innocent lives are transformed by snow, that most wondrous substance. Of course, the narrative is secondary to the look of the film, the abstract trees, set against a delicious nocturnal blue and white, with snowflakes in perpetual fall. Then there are the finger-like figures themselves, little variations in face shape and colour delineating male from female. Joanna achieved the overall effect through modifying and filtering photographs in Photoshop, for a background against which she animates her two 3D characters. The distinguishing voices of the pair seem something of a cat's purr. Whatever, they have considerable charm and there is an aesthetically satisfying quality to the whole piece. The short was one of the last ten narrowed down for Best Animated Short Film Academy Award for 2010. Adam Wolny created the sound. Another love story, of sorts, tomorrow.


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