Thursday, 26 April 2012

Planktoon "Réflexion" (2012)

I used to play the mirror game at Drama school: exact mimicry of a partner then the image takes over and the fun proceeds. This same principle is adopted by the directors of Réflexion from the Paris studio Planktoon. The story may not be original but the glossy sheen most definitely is. The CG piece is as stylish as one can get. From fabulous opening credits as a glamorous redhead pirouettes in a high street store's quartet of mirrors, to cat fight between the girl and reflection, the piece fairly zings along. Quite brilliantly lit, there are spectacular, imaginative sequences galore, interspersed with gentle humour of the slapstick kind. When the mirror breaks into shards the whole screen is ablaze with light and redheads. Alban Lelievre, Sebastien Pribile, Fabrice Senia, Alexandre Henri and Sun Limet, who together form the five person studio, met whilst students at L'école Georges Méliès. (For a fuller profile read the always informative CGSociety feature from January.) I know Paris is supposed to be chic, fashionable, stylish .... but on a rain sodden day here in the North of England I'm a bit overawed by all this vivacity to tell you the truth.


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