Tuesday, 8 May 2012

David Prosser "Matter Fisher" (2010)

For part of my childhood I lived by the coast, scavenging for driftwood for the fire, enduring the winter storms. It was anything but romantic, a dark period of my life. Matter Fisher  is as impenetrable as the ocean itself. The weather forecast warns of low pressure, the wind beats against the battered fisherman's shack, the door bangs open and shut, the timber of the jetty creaks and groans.  A lone fisherman toils over his line, at one point thrusting his head under the surface to peer into the depths where in the murk a white mass effervesces, to be gobbled up by a fish, and disgorged unnoticed in the bottom of the boat. What it grows into and the relationship between it and the fisherman is the subject of an ecological intrigue that is not readily explainable. I guess it is nasty but I'm not sure. What goes into the sea must come out, and a lot of rubbish goes in. Some of it glows! I keep certain films back because I like to sprinkle the world with stardust. Matter Fisher is an engrossing, original piece of work, David Prosser being one of the UK's most talented young animators. His 2010 graduation piece from the  Royal College of Art combines a highly individual use of 2D and 3D and a stupendous sound design from Joe Tate. There are sections of the heavily textured look of the film that are ravishing, the animation subtle in its transformation; at other times the look is spare indeed, as with the screenshot. Then there's that darkening lump attracting fish, seabirds, fisherman and my curiosity. Read the review at Short of the Week by the ever discerning Andrew S Allen. I guess he's curious about that blob too. David works for one of those Rolls Royces of British animation, Studio AKA.

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Kimberley said...

This really is beautiful art Ian! Great video, love the style of it.

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