Saturday, 7 July 2012

Heliofant "I, pet goat II" (2012)

I, pet goat II commences with a parody of George W Bush that I felt did not quite live up to the remarkable degree of praise from Vimeo (and other) viewers. However I quickly realised what the buzz was about. Set in a surreal landscape (the screenshot is typical) the seven minute short explores a decade of suffering, offering topical, media, political, environmental, Islamic and Christian references in its exposition. Sequences move pretty quickly. To take one: Obama, stunned and helpless in a polar White House, from which we pan out to witness an iced representation of the twin towers collapsing, to follow a boat bearing Osama bin Laden in a manner reminiscent of Kate Winslet on her doomed ship, distant oil platforms and maybe genetic research. And throughout we are carried along with a regal soundtrack from the Tanuki Project. We are informed that the team utilised "dancers, musicians, visual artists and 3d animators" and, in truth, the piece has all the ambition of a mammoth stage production, firmly placing the newly created Canadian Heliofant on the map. And some. A burning Christ heads out to sea, towards the horizon, ice-caps melting blended spectacularly with the dreadful echoes of the twin towers crumbling, shards of our ice civilisation crumbling into the ocean. All brilliantly lit, with vibrant colours of ruby red, turquoise blue, purple, green, yellow ochre. It is truly one of the most remarkable shorts of the year, or indeed a decade. Of pain.

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